AIS Polling Place ADA Improvements Project

CATEGORY: Small Projects


ENTERING FIRM: Globetrotters Engineering Corporation


OTHER CONSULTANTS: HUSarchitecture, Leopardo Companies, Paul Borg Construction, FH Paschen, Pacific Construction


OWNER: City of Chicago Dept. Assets, Information and Services (AIS)


DESCRIPTION: The 2022 AIS Polling Place Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) Improvements Project was rooted in the idea that every eligible citizen in the United States possesses an inalienable right to vote, irrespective of their abilities or disabilities. GEC’s work on this project served as a beacon for the positive public image of engineering by providing a solution that helped drive societal progress and social justice. This project went beyond rhetoric and acted by addressing ADA compliance issues at existing polling stations. The project provided direct access to polling stations for those with physical disabilities by removing prohibitive physical obstacles and allowing them to exercise their fundamental right to vote. Globetrotters Engineer Corporation (GEC) played a crucial role in this project, collaborating with a Women's Business Enterprise (WBE) firm, HUS architecture (HUSa), whoperformed25% of the design work. GEC was responsible for identifying and implementing solutions for thirty-one polling locations in Chicago divided amongst four quadrants throughout the City of Chicago and collaborated with four separate contractors to complete the improvements.