Central Avenue Bridge

CATEGORY: Transportation


OWNER: Cook County Department of Transportation & Highways


PROJECT FIRM: Primera Engineering, Ltd.




DESCRIPTION:The Central Avenue Bridge project was initiated to increase safety for motor vehicles and reduce future operating costs by lengthening the useful life of the bridge. These improvements were especially important given that the bridge connects several villages and provides access to Midway International Airport, as well as many industrial and manufacturing sites. Updates to the Central Avenue Bridge were critical in maintaining the area’s ability to support regional commerce and freight activity. It was also important to provide a long-term solution rather than the very costly expense of doing maintenance repairs on the bridge deck yearly. Primera Engineers provided design services for both the bridge and roadway renovations. Through structural inspections and reports, preparation of superstructure, substructure, Maintenance of Traffic, erosion control, and lighting plans, as well as an array of coordination efforts, Primera and its subconsultants were able to rehabilitate the bridge and the surrounding roadway.