Cumberland Circle Recon to Modern Roundabout

CATEGORY: Transportation


OWNER: Illinois Department of Transporation


PROJECT FIRM: HBM Engineering Group, LLC


OTHER CONSULTANTS: Graef, Gandhi and Associates, Inc., Wang Engineering Inc.


DESCRIPTION: The Cumberland Circle Reconstruction to Modern Roundabout project, expertly executed by HBM, has emerged as an engineering masterpiece that epitomizes the pursuit of excellence. This ambitious endeavor, centered on the transformation of Cumberland Circle into a modern roundabout, represents a beacon of innovative problem-solving and community transformation. This project focused on the transformation of the existing intersection of Illinois Route 58 Golf Road at Wolf Road, originally constructed in 1928, which featured a traffic circle known as Cumberland Circle. Cumberland Circle, a relic of early 20th-century traffic engineering, was created to enhance safety by accommodating movement from multiple legs of the intersection. However, over time, the area evolved from a quiet residential neighborhood into a bustling community with multiple schools in the vicinity, and as a result, the circle's limitations became apparent. Unclear lane assignments, poor signage, and problematic pavement design contributed to a high number of low-severity crashes and operational inefficiencies.