Eldamain Road Extension

CATEGORY: Transportation




OTHER CONSULTANTS: Hampton, Lenzini, and Renwick, Inc. (HLR), Huff & Huff, Inc., Testing Service Corporation, Strand Associates, Inc., McCleary Engineering, Rubino Engineering, Inc.


OWNER: Kendall County Highway Department


DESCRIPTION: Kendall County’s vision of a new Fox River crossing west of IL 47 began in 1991. As one of the fastest-growing counties in the nation, Kendall County recognized early that development of rural land into densely populated suburban uses would bring additional traffic and congestion to area roadways, particularly in communities along the Fox River. Growing levels of traffic congestion on the limited number of existing Fox River bridges, especially IL 47 in Yorkville, demonstrated the number and locations of those bridges was insufficient. After32 years of numerous studies, extensive engineering and various funding missions, Kendall County’s vision has become a reality. On May 31, 2023, Kendall County opened the bridge that carries the new Eldamain Road extension over the Fox River, officially completing the long-awaited project. The overall extension of Eldamain Road (CH 7) stretches from US 34 north of the Fox River to High Point Road (south of IL 71), a distance of nearly 5 miles. The Fox River bridge was the final segment to be opened to traffic. Due to the size and cost of the overall project, construction was completed via two separate contracts. Contact A included the widening and reconstruction of existing Eldamain Road from US 34 to River Road.Contract A featured a new single-span bridge over Rob Roy Creek and the realignment of a series of substandard curves through a densely wooded area along the Subat Forest Preserve. The larger Contract B included the extension of Eldamain Road on new alignment from River Road to High Point Road. Contract B featured the new Fox River bridge, an improved crossing of the Illinois Railway, new traffic signals at River Road and at IL 71,and the first roundabout in Kendall County at Fox Road. The new Fox River bridge spans 1,557 feet and consists of an 8-span steel plate girder bridge, with 7 piers extending to nearly 60-feet in elevation. The current bridge provides for two lanes and a 10-foot multi-use path. However, the abutments and piers were designed to carry a future 4-lanesuperstructure as traffic demands increase. The bridge and adjacent multi-use path provide a much-needed non-vehicular connection between the Subat and Hoover Forest Preserves, which are separated by the Fox River. The extension of Eldamain Road from US 34 to High Point Road cost over $50 million including design, construction, and land acquisition. The project was a monumental undertaking and success for a local agencylike Kendall County. The new and improved multi-modal transportation corridor has resulted in more efficient travel for area residents and commuters, improved mobility for commercial traffic, enhanced safety for all users, and will provide many new development opportunities for the communities of Yorkville and Plano in the years to come.