IDOT Pump Station 38

CATEGORY: Waste and Storm Water




OTHER CONSULTANTS: Deerpath Golf Course, Berger Excavating, Geo Services, Inc., American Surveying & Engineering, Ltd., Civil Tech, Delta Engineering Group, LLC, City of Lake Forest


OWNER: Illinois Department of Transporation


DESCRIPTION: The Illinois Department of Transportation (IDOT) Pump Station 38 project, located at the intersection of U.S. 41 and Deerpath Road in the City of Lake Forest, has successfully fulfilled a critical need for infrastructure improvement in the region. This ambitious endeavor aimed to enhance safety, combat persistent flooding issues, and provide a more resilient and efficient pump station for the community. The project featured a multi-discipline design approach involving significant collaboration among civil, structural, architectural, mechanical, and electrical engineers to achieve the desired outcomes. WSP was supported by American Surveying & Engineering, Ltd., Geo Services, Inc., and Delta Engineering Group, LLC as subconsultants to the design. At its core, the project sought to address the long-standing challenge of flooding at the U.S. 41 under pass at Deerpath Road and the U.S. 41 and Canadian National Railroad overpass structure. Flooding not only posed a significant safety hazard but also resulted in traffic disruptions and accessibility issues, making this project a top priority for both IDOT and the City of Lake Forest. This project unfolded as a comprehensive solution to these pressing concerns. The relocation and total reconstruction of the existing pump station marked a pivotal step in improving flood management. This allowed larger pumps to be installed, increasing the pump station’s capacity to handle greater flows and ensuring more effective flood control. The project also addressed other factors which contributed to flooding and water quality problems. It tackled bank erosion and washout issues occurring at the Union Pacific Railroad (UPRR) Bridge and Deerpath Road sidewalk, which contributed to inlet clogging on the roadway. These measures not only improved flood management but also protected the surrounding environment. One of the most technically challenging aspects of the project was the jacking of a 72-inch diameter steel casing pipe, which carried the 54-inch bypass sewer system beneath the UPRR and the U.S. 41 Bridge. WSP’s precise engineering solutions and meticulous planning facilitated successful completion of this complex task with minimal disruption to existing utilities, bridge footings, and other underground structures. Beyond flood management, the project addressed several other critical aspects of infrastructure improvement. Access to U.S. 41 from Deerpath Road received significant improvements by adding a turn lane to Deerpath for both east and west bound turners, improving the intersection geometrics. These enhancements not only increased safety but also enhanced traffic efficiency and sight distances for all road users. This project represents a remarkable achievement in infrastructure improvement. It effectively addressed persistent flooding issues, enhanced safety, and delivered innovative engineering solutions, all while showcasing seamless collaboration among IDOT, the City of Lake Forest, and WSP. The successful completion of this multi-faceted project stands as a testament to the power of effective partnership, meticulous planning, and unwavering commitment to community well-being. It serves as a model of excellence in infrastructure development and underscores the positive impact of dedicated teamwork in overcoming complex challenges.