Lake-South-Madison Roundabout

CATEGORY: Transportation


ENTERING FIRM: Hampton, Lenzini and Renwick, Inc. (HLR)


OTHER CONSULTANTS: H. Linden & Sons Sewer and Water, Inc., Rubino Engineering, Inc., Huff & Huff, Inc.


OWNER: City of Woodstock


DESCRIPTION: The Lake-South-Madison Roundabout project in the City of Woodstock was initiated in response to pressing traffic issues and safety concerns at a complex five-legged intersection. The primary objective was to replace the existing intersection with a modern roundabout to significantly enhance safety, alleviate traffic congestion, and improve access to the historic downtown square. The existing 5-way intersection had experienced a high number of accidents, including pedestrian incidents, and was often confusing for travelers. The need to maintain access to all 5 streets, including a crucial railroad crossing, made a roundabout the ideal solution. The project also aimed to create a visually appealing “Gateway to Downtown” that would welcome visitors to the historic square. The roundabout project included decorative street lighting and stamped concrete that matched the downtown square’s theme, aligning with the City of Woodstock’s Streetscape Design Guideline Plan to extend the downtown ambiance out to major routes. The initial project scope focused on improving traffic safety and flow, but it expanded to encompass underground utility replacement, street lighting, increased pedestrian access, and decorative streetscape enhancements. This expansion brought significant benefits, including relief for stormwater issues, increased utility reliability, and reduced maintenance costs for the City. Hampton, Lenzini and Renwick, Inc. (HLR) played a pivotal role in the project, providing expertise in planning, design, and construction engineering. They effectively managed utility relocations, addressed complex infrastructure issues, and ensured compliance with federal guidelines. Huff & Huff, Inc. provided essential environmental services, Rubino Engineering, Inc. handled geotechnical aspects, and H. Linden & Sons Sewer and Water, Inc. managed the construction phase. The project is currently in final material closeout with IDOT, and final construction cost is projected to be over the awarded contract value. This increase in cost is primarily attributable to the City’s desire to use stamped and colored concrete within the interior circle of the roundabout which was not originally contemplated during the design phase. The project showcased innovative engineering, effectively addressing safety concerns and confusing traffic patterns. It redefined traffic engineering standards, setting a new benchmark for improved safety and aesthetics. The project’s upgrades had a direct positive impact on the quality of life for residents and businesses, enhancing utilities and storm management, while fostering social, economic, and sustainable development. The project’s complexity, with its comprehensive scope and careful planning, demonstrated exceptional engineering expertise. It leveraged a modern roundabout design to address long-standing safety concerns, strategically improving the socio-economic conditions of the community. In conclusion, the Lake-South-Madison Roundabout project stands as a model of success. It effectively addressed safety concerns, enhanced infrastructure, and improved the community’s overall quality of life. This transformative project improved traffic flow and had a positive impact on social, economic, and sustainable development. It symbolizes progress and community development, achieved through a collaborative effort between the City, its consultants, and contractors, resulting in an early, on-budget, and exceptional outcome.