All Hands on Deck, Setting a Course for the IMTS


Other Consultants: EBP, CPCS

Owner:Illinois Department of Transportation

Description:The Illinois Department of Transportation (IDOT) brought on board WSP USA (WSP) to assist in developing the Illinois Marine Transportation System Plan (IMTS), which is IDOT’s first marine modal plan. The marine transportation industry and public ports districts across the state, were highly supportive in the development of the plan and the recognition that IDOT has given that the marine system is a valuable statewide transport mode. After nearly two years of planning, analysis and coordination utilizing numerous local, state, federal, and private resources the Illinois Marine Transportation System Plan and Economic Impact Analysis Study (IMTS Plan) joins IDOT’s Suite of Plans.

The Illinois Marine Transportation System (IMTS) is a complex labyrinth of natural and manmade commercially navigable waterways flowing 1,118 miles. The infrastructure of the IMTS has over 400 private and public terminals and 27 locks and dams. This infrastructure annually moves 90.6 million tons of goods, which is 9 percent of Illinois’ freight tonnage. The movement of these goods and activities that support them generate $36 billion, contribute $17.4 billion in gross state product or 4 percent of Illinois’ gross state product. It also supports 166,628 jobs which provides $10.5 billion in worker income, and $2.9 billion in federal, state and local taxes. The IMTS Plan provides several programmatic recommendations for IDOT to enact to further support the marine transportation system and to incorporate marine as a mode into the fabric of IDOT as a multimodal agency.

Illinois Department of Transportation

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