I-55 at IL 59 Access Project

Firm: Knight E/A, Inc.

Other Consultants: American Surveying and Engineering, P.C., Kaskaskia Engineering Group, LLC, MetroStrategies, Inc., SB Friedman Development Advisors, Milhouse Engineering & Construction, Inc., Huff and Huff, Inc., Quantum Spatial, Inc., Wiss, Janney, Elstner Associates, Inc., Illinois Department of Transportation, City of Joliet

Owner:Illinois Department of Transportation

Description:The Illinois Department of Transportation (IDOT) I-55 at IL 59 Access Project utilized a robust public involvement process and innovative engineering solutions to study and approve alternates to improve safety, access and meet future travel demand in the study area. Knight E/A, Inc. (Knight) led a team of sub consultants in the study which included identification of transportation and safety issues, development of alternatives, evaluation of impacts associated with each alternative, refinement of reduced number of alternatives which best address project needs, and recommendation of one preferred alternative. Knight investigated horizontal and vertical roadway geometrics, alternatives analysis, cross-sections, right of way evaluations, ADA accommodations, bicycle and pedestrian accommodations.

During development of the preferred alternative, independent utility was requested and granted for four separate projects/studies. The interchange at I-55 and IL 59 evaluated multiple configurations (Diamond, Diverging Diamond, SPUI, etc.) The interchange at I-55 and US 52 included evaluation of measures to improve capacity.

Traffic elements include crash evaluation, traffic data collection, growth and projections, traffic signal warrant analysis, HCS, Synchro and EMME traffic modeling, coordination with CMAP and Market Specialists in developing traffic demand modeling, preparation of intersection design studies and interchange type studies. Environmental elements include NEPA Environmental study and processing, 404 Merger meetings, Environmental Survey Request (ESR), Wetland studies and Impact Analysis, Noise modeling and studies, Section 4(f) and 6(f) studies, Section 106 studies, socio-economic and environmental justice evaluation. Public Involvement elements include two public meetings, one public hearing, Community Advisory Group, project website, Community Context Audit, Stakeholder Involvement Plan and a virtual public outreach event.

Illinois Department of Transportation

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