Streitmatter Road Bridge

Firm: Terra Engineering, Ltd.

Other Consultants: Whitney & Associates, Stark Excavating, Inc.

Owner:Peoria County Highway Department

Description:The proposed bridge structure is a single span bridge with 78’-0” back to back of abutments. The superstructure consists of a cast-in-place concrete deck on steel girders. The bridge deck is 33’-7” out-to-out of concrete parapets. The abutments are reinforced concrete integral abutments supported on steel H-Piles. The abutments are skewed at 15 degrees to be better aligned with the waterway channel and flow.

Concrete approach slabs were used at each end of the bridge. The existing roadway and shoulders were widened near the bridge approaches to provide an appropriate transition between the existing roadway and shoulder with to the proposed bridge width. The roadway alignment was maintained, and the roadway profile was adjusted slightly to fit the proposed structure requirements and to provide a minimum longitudinal grade across the length of the bridge. Guardrail was installed along the approaches to the bridge to improve the safety of the public.

Peoria County Highway Department

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