Illinois Route 47 on Reagan Memorial Tollway I-88

Firm: Civiltech Engineering, Inc./Millennia Professional Services/Illinois Construction and Environmental Consulting, Inc.

Other Consultants: Consultants: Ames Engineering, Inc, APS Consulting, Inc., GSG Consultants, Inc., Infrastructure Engineering, Inc., Orion Engineers, LLC, APEX Consulting Engineers, LLC, Aqua Vitae Engineering, LLC, H.W. Lochner, Inc., HR Green, Inc., Program Management & Control Services, LLC, V3 Companies, Ltd., Curran Contracting, Inc.

Owner: Illinois Tollway

Description:The Illinois Tollway initiated the implementation of 3D modeling as a contractual deliverable as part of the Illinois Route 47 Interchange Project on the Reagan Memorial Tollway (I-88). The pilot was intended to observe and analyze the process, identify challenges, and determine changes to policy or approach that may be needed to more fully implement 3D modeling in the future. The interchange expansion project in the far western Chicago suburb of Sugar Grove represents the first time the Tollway has contractually issued the designer’s 3D model to build any facility on its 294-mile system of toll roads in Northern Illinois.

The Tollway was familiar with Civiltech’s 3D modeling capabilities and chose this project due to limited conflicts with other projects in the area, limited utilities compared to other Tollway projects and a straightforward maintenance of traffic plan. This allowed the focus to remain on 3D modeling, not other project issues.

The interchange project included completing the Illinois Route 47 Interchange design based on a recently completed Phase I study. The improvements included reconstruction of two existing ramps, construction of three new ramps and, two toll plazas, reconstruction of Illinois l Route 47 and bridge modifications. The bridge modifications included raised median removal, expansion joint reconstruction, slope wall modification with a retaining wall, and b ridge deck overlay. Civiltech’s scope of work included ramp and roadway design, bridge design, drainage, signage, pavement markings, project management, and overall project coordination with subconsultants and other ongoing mainline resurfacing work.

The piloting of 3D modeling as part of the interchange project allowed the Tollway to take advantage of the numerous benefits of 3D modeling that include greater efficiencies, cost savings, accuracy and transparency between design and construction. The model-centric transition between design and construction allowed for the elimination of hundreds of plan sheets providing an environmental benefit with modern day technology.

Civiltech provided Phase II design engineering for the preparation of plans, specifications and estimates for the Illinois Route 47 Interchange on I-88. A 3D model was included as part of the contract documents and served as a pilot for 3D CAD deliverables. Cross-sections and drainage profiles were removed from the plan sets and were included in the 3D files. The interchange project was built by Curran Contracting, Inc. and construction was substantially complete in late 2019.

Illinois Tollway

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