Plum Grove Road Corridor

Firm: BLA, Inc.

Other Consultants: Illinois Department of Transportation, Christopher B. Burke Engineering, Ltd., Baxter & Woodman, Plote Construction, Inc., Rubino Engineering, Inc.

Owner: Village of Schaumburg

Description: The Village of Schaumburg identified the Plum Grove Road Corridor as a candidate for reconstruction and for Federal participation and local grants. This project completed the reconstruction of 1.34 miles of Plum Grove Road between Higgins Road and Wiley Road. This corridor is immediately west of Woodfield Mall, one of the largest destination retail centers in the United States. The Village of Schaumburg selected BLA, Inc. to act as Phase III Construction Engineer on the Plum Grove Road Corridor project. The Village and their design team divided the project into two sections based on land use along the corridor’s right-of-way and traffic volumes. The southern section had stop signs at the side streets regulating flow onto Plum Grove Road; the north section had all-way stop-controlled intersections.

The Phase I study determined the south section should be replaced in-kind with added left turn lanes at side streets and a new signalized intersection at the busiest intersection, American Lane. The northern section design review recommended the removal of the all-way stops leaving stop signs only for the cross-street traffic. This would force side street traffic to wait for at least two, perhaps four, lanes of traffic to clear before entering Plum Grove Road’s busy travel lanes or crossing the roadway to continue east-west.

The Village determined that a new modern roundabout design could help maintain or enhance traffic flow and improve safety on the northern section. The design team developed a plan to reduce the roadway width from two lanes in each direction to a single lane in each direction while maintaining volume, flow, access control and safety and managing large truck traffic using modern roundabouts.

This project built the very first modern roundabouts in the Village of Schaumburg. This test could bring roundabouts to several areas of the Village that currently use two- or four-way stops to control traffic flow. BLA and the Village worked diligently to promote the safe use of roundabouts through direct contact with businesses and residents on the corridor and the Village’s website.

The project team dealt with the complexities of roundabout construction while simultaneously restaging both the northern and southern Plum Grove Corridor projects with an adjacent reconstruction project. The corridor met sustainability goals with LED roadway lighting and nearly a complete recycling of the existing roadway pavements into the new roadway’s stone base. The project renewed and expanded pedestrian paths improving the Village’s trail system.

The Village of Schaumburg wanted a reconstructed roadway with improvements to traffic flow, safety, and pedestrian access. They wanted to bring the newest design element, the modern roundabout, to their roadway system to evaluate for future use. The project team brought those goals together in the completed Plum Grove Road Corridor.

Village of Schaumburg

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