Eola Road Realignment at US 30

Firm: V3 Companies & Engineering Enterprises, Inc.

Other Consultants:Engineering Enterprises, Inc., Rubino Engineering, Inc.

Owner:City of Aurora

Description:Prior to the completion of this project, the existing intersection of Heggs/Eola Road and US 30 was characterized by a very large skew angle, poor lines of sight and minimal traffic control. Over 40 crashes were observed at this intersection within a five-year period, with nearly a third resulting in injuries. Tragically, two crashes within the last several years resulted in deaths. These substandard intersection conditions were exacerbated over time by steadily increasing traffic volumes along US 30 (nearly 20,000 vehicles per day as of 2019) combined with vehicular speeds frequently in excess of 60 mph.

Recognizing the magnitude of these safety concerns, IDOT included improvements to the intersection in its multi-year program. However, based on IDOT’s outreach to the Village of Oswego and City of Aurora, it was determined that both communities instead preferred a new intersection location further north based on the realignment of Heggs/Eola Road along the route of the future WIKADUKE Trail. In addition to further enhancing safety and traffic operations, this configuration would better facilitate regional economic growth and development. Although the area through which the realigned roadway traverses is currently a sod farm, it is the owner’s intention to eventually develop the surrounding properties. Since the new intersection location better served the needs of both communities, the City of Aurora became the lead agency for the project moving forward. IDOT then reallocated the earmarked funding to the City-led effort and subsequently removed the project from their multi-year program. As an initial step toward addressing the safety issues at this intersection, Wheatland Township permanently closed the south leg to traffic in 2016.

Under the City’s leadership, Phase I engineering efforts for the new intersection location began in 2016 with Phase II engineering completed nearly three years later. The project was advertised in May 2019 with construction extending from August 2019 through June 2020.

The realigned roadway (named Eola Road to be consistent with the nomenclature north of Wolf’s Crossing Road) intersects US 30 at a 90-degree angle to form an intersection approximately 2,050 feet north of the former intersection location (which was subsequently closed to traffic). Realigned Eola Road consists of one through lane in each direction separated by a 16-foot-wide landscaped median and full-depth shoulder along either side of the roadway. The Heggs/Eola Road pavement between the realigned roadway and US 30 was fully removed and replaced with landscaping. Since the realigned roadway comprises a portion of the future WIKADUKE Trail, Strategic Regional Arterial standards and criteria were utilized during design.

These recently constructed improvements can actually be considered an “interim” condition. As part of the annexation agreement for the adjacent properties east of US 30, Eola Road will ultimately be widened from a three-lane section to a five-lane urban section (with adjacent multi-use path and sidewalk) as development starts to occur. In addition, a fourth intersection leg would eventually be added once the properties west of US Route 30 begin to develop.

City of Aurora

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