Burlington at Bolcum Road Reconstruction

Firm:STV/Burns & McDonnell

Other Consultants: Marchese & Sons, O’Brien & Associates, Rubino Engineering, Inc.

Owner:Kane County Division of Transportation

Description:Facing increasing congestion and safety concerns at a three-way intersection near the village center of Campton Hills, IL, Kane County transportation officials undertook a comprehensive review of several design options that would improve traffic flow and address the future growth of the area. The decision to pursue a modern roundabout provided a cost-effective, safe and efficient method that addresses current and future traffic volume while also serving as a model for transportation officials throughout the state.

Located on the western outskirts of Chicago, the Village of Campton Hills was incorporated less than 15 years ago. It’s the second youngest municipal jurisdiction in Illinois and sits on the current frontier of suburban development. The Burlington/Bolcum intersection lies about a quarter mile from the busy Route 64 corridor and has about 20,000 vehicles passing through it daily. Traffic along the intersection is expected to increase in the coming years now that the village has identified land to the west as the site of a mixed-use village center.

A study of the Burlington/Bolcum intersection was undertaken by Burns & McDonnell in 2018 that examined the lengthy traffic backups that formed on Bolcum Road during peak travel hours as well as safety concerns regarding drivers accessing Burlington Road. Four different design alternatives were created, including a traffic signal, an unconventional geometric project, a modern roundabout, and a no-build, status quo option, that were evaluated based on safety, capacity, and cost.

Kane County Division of Transportation officials selected the modern roundabout design based on its ability to better control and move traffic, improve safety and provide the flexibility for future expansion. Two design innovations, a smaller diameter and the use of existing pavement as a base for the new roundabout, made the concept cost-competitive. STV’s construction engineering experience, as well as its prior work supporting the construction of roundabouts, helped facilitate the design’s execution.

Through detailed planning and execution, including utility coordination and maintenance of traffic scheduling, construction of this project was completed within four months, meeting its $826,813 budget. The successful completion of the Burlington/Bolcum roundabout will serve the community’s long-term needs by providing an aesthetically pleasing design with more green space and improved pedestrian safety. In addition, its design and implementation demonstrated that modern roundabouts can be a viable and affordable option that can be easily adapted elsewhere throughout the state.

Kane County Division of Transportation

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