Northview Elementary School Safe Routes to School

Firm: ESI Consultants, Ltd.

Other Consultants:

Owner: Village of Rantoul, Illinois

Description: ESI Consultants, Ltd. provided Community Involvement, Planning, Design, and Construction Management services, characterized by the following contributions to the Village of Rantoul, Illinois, Rantoul Public Schools #137, and Northview Elementary School:

Innovative Application – Applied “out of the box” thinking to transform car, bus, bicyclists, and walkers traffic flow.

Future Value – With the increased safety of the children secured, the Village, School District, and parents have an extremely high opinion of what an engineering firm can do with them, and for them!

Social, Economic and Sustainable Design Considerations – This project resulted in parents and children being safe and feeling safe while walking and bicycling to school.

Complexity – Project started with severe site constraints, with little to no space available for needed improvements; required high collaboration to determine solution.

Exceeding Owner’s Needs – The Village and School District together recognized the high value of the ESI solution, committing to financial support well above the minimum requirements for matching local funds

Village of Rantoul, Illinois