Stearns School Road Emergency Repair

Firm: Hampton, Lenzini, and Renwick, Inc.

Other Consultants:

Owner: Lake County Division of Transportation

Description: The mission of the Lake County Division of Transportation (LCDOT) is to provide safe, efficient, and innovative transportation system to enhance mobility, economic development, and quality of life in Lake County. The Lake County Highway Department was formed in 1913 focusing efforts on the County road system. In 1985, counties with populations of over 600,000 were mandated to create a Division of Transportation, responsible for every aspect of transportation from planning to construction to maintenance and operations. In recent years, aging infrastructure coupled with limited budget and unpredictable heavy rain events has created challenges for all local transportation agencies. Lake County maintains 649 culverts across the County, one of those culverts is the School Stearns Road culvert. This section of Stearns School Road serves as an alternate east-west roadway for Grand Avenue (IL Route 132) with over 12,000 vehicles per day, prompting LCDOT to expeditiously develop a repair plan to reopen the road. LCDOT immediately selected an engineering firm, provided plan reviews, selected a contractor to provide construction, and communicated with the Forest Preserve District and the private landowner to obtain temporary easements required for the repairs. As work began on the project, HLR staff were alternating days in the office, while the majority of LCDOT staff were working remote as a precautionary measure for COVID-19. Staff closely coordinated on the project via virtual meetings. Both LCDOT and HLR contacted pipe manufactures to determine what pipe sizes were currently available for the culvert, as suppliers typically do not stock large-diameter pipe and special runs would only delay progress. It was determined that 72” corrugated metal pipe could be obtained by the contractor, Campanella & Sons, Inc., so hydraulic models were updated to ensure that the improvement would meet IDNR-OWR backwater policy and not have adverse impacts to adjacent properties. Before construction began, construction plans, permits, and easements needed to be obtained. Below is the expedited schedule displaying the collective efforts of LCDOT, HLR, Campanella & Sons, Inc. and Midland Standard Engineering & Testing, Inc.

Lake County Division of Transportation