Woodfield Road Improvement Projects

Firm: Civiltech Engineering, Inc.

Other Consultants:

Owner: Village of Schaumburg

Description: Civiltech Engineering, Inc. provided Phase II Design Engineering and Phase III Construction Engineering services as the prime consultant. While the project consisted of 1 mile of roadway reconstruction, it was a complex project with many unique features and extensive challenges. Phase II Design Engineering Civiltech’s Phase II services included plans for the removal and replacement of the existing pavement on these two connected and Federally-funded projects. Additional capacity was provided to the I-290/IL Route 53 frontage roads by adding a second right turn lane and left turn lane on the west frontage road and by adding a dedicated left turn lane on the east frontage road. Decorative pedestrian crosswalks were designed not only for aesthetics, but as part of improved safety and ADA compliance. Also, the roadway design included new landscaped medians with irrigation systems. Design plans were prepared for the replacement of the traffic signals at six intersections, modifications at one intersection, and the installation of a traffic signal interconnect system. A new roadway lighting system was also designed which included decorative fixtures with banner arms for community identity. The design work also included replacing approximately 4,400 feet of bike path providing improved connectivity between the project area and forest preserve and communities that were separated by I-290/IL Route 53. Phase III Construction Engineering The single design project was split into two construction contracts to be a more manageable size for the contractors to bid and to help achieve the aggressive construction schedule needed to accommodate the holiday shopping season within this heavily traveled and large regional shopping area. Civiltech provided a strong Resident Engineer for each contract and a flexible inspection team that transitioned between both projects. Phase III services included coordination with the Illinois Department of Transportation (IDOT) for the work at the I-290 interchange ramps as well as coordination and communication with all retail and business

Village of Schaumburg