Bloom Township Highway Maintenance Facility

Firm: ESI Consultants, Ltd.

Other Consultants:

Owner: Bloom Township Highway Department

Description: ESI Consultants, Ltd. and its wholly owned subsidiary Eco Solutions, Inc. provided Program Management, Site Design, Architectural Design, and Construction Management Services, characterized by the following contributions to the City of Chicago Heights, Client – Bloom Township Highway Department, and the whole of the community of Chicago Heights:

Innovative Application – Applied existing techniques to effectively solve soil, foundation, and utility problems.

Future Value – City property holding goes from negative to positive! Community goes from blighted to in-development! Client has new maintenance facility at minimal public cost!

Social, Economic and Sustainable Design Considerations – Facility development encourages new business construction; eliminates long-standing vacant lot; and provides City with potential sources of revenue.

Complexity – Project started with unknown temporary site; original site with contaminated soils; new site undeveloped 40 years with ‘hidden’ utility locations.

Exceeding Owner’s Needs – High collaboration with owner to achieve higher-than expected project success; economical for all parties involved; cost below original budget solution; exceeded Client goals.

Bloom Township Highway Department