Smith & Cambridge Drainage Improvements

CATEGORY: Water Resources




OTHER CONSULTANTS: Atlas Engineering Group, Ltd., S.T.A.T.E Testing, LLC


OWNER: DuPage County Stormwater Management


DESCRIPTION: V3 successfully executed a complex flood relief project that both satisfied the client’s needs and benefited the community. By working closely with the Forest Preserve District, ideal conditions were met, effectively providing a cost-effective and environmentally friendly solution for managing stormwater. Creative problem solving addressed myriad concerns such as protecting area residents and local Waters of the US, with minimal impacts to all. By formulating detailed hydrologic and hydraulic models, cultivating native plantings, and installing 3,400 linear feet of new storm sewer, V3 reduced the risk of future flooding, improving the community’s health and safety while protecting homes and property values. In addition, work was completed on time and on budget, making this standout project worthy of recognition.