Stream Stabilization at All Saints Cemetery

CATEGORY: Small Projects






OWNER: All Saint's Cathedral Parish


DESCRIPTION: The All Saints Cemetery project may have been a small project, but in the clients’ eyes, it was huge! As such, GRAEF developed design plans through many meetings and interactions with the owner. The resulting project achieved the objective of stabilizing the slope while preserving the ground of this historic cemetery. Ensured the Establishment of Erosion Control Measures: The GRAEF team successfully established and maintained erosion control measures to protect the project site and surrounding areas from potential erosion issues, in compliance with environ-mental regulations. Ensured the Proper Installation of Erosion Control Measures: Throughout the project, the GRAEF team diligently monitored and verified the installation of erosion control measures to safeguard the environment and prevent soil erosion. Ensured Client Satisfaction with Construction Performance: The GRAEF team’s utmost priority was to meet and exceed our client’s expectations in terms of site sensitivity, construction quality, schedule, and overall performance. Client satisfaction was achieved through consistent communication, meeting project goals, and delivering a successful construction project.