US Route 20 Corridor Improvements

CATEGORY: Transportation


OWNER: Illinois Department of Transporation


PROJECT FIRM: Baxter & Woodman, Inc.


OTHER CONSULTANTS: DLZ, Curran Contracting Company


DESCRIPTION: The project addressed significant safety concerns at the Beck Road/Marengo Road/South Union Road intersection, Coral Road intersection, and West Union Road intersection along US Route 20. In addition, the removal of a deteriorating existing 8’x4’ reinforced box culvert and construction of three separate new concrete box culverts to raise the US 20 profile to meet freeboard requirements was necessary. The project had several initial challenges, including the need to develop a new Transportation Management Plan to preserve trees and maintain proper clearance during construction while maintaining two-way traffic along US 20. Efforts were also made prior to construction to mitigate public resistance to the construction of a five-leg single lane roundabout.