Weber Road at I-55 Diverging Diamond Interchange

CATEGORY: Transportation




OTHER CONSULTANTS: Judlau Contracting, Inc., American Surveying & Engineering, Ardmore Roderick, GSG Consultants, Inc., Interra, Quigg Engineering, RGE


OWNER: Illinois Department of Transportation


DESCRIPTION: The Weber Road/I-55 project addressed increasing traffic and heavy commercial vehicle demand, focusing on enhancing safety and mobility. It introduced special monitoring cameras and detectors to evaluate driver responses, signal timing modifications, advanced overhead arterial signage, and traffic patterns to eliminate conflicts. The integration of an intelligent transportation system significantly improved traffic surveillance along this heavily used corridor. The design of the DDI at Weber Road and I-55presented unique challenges. It employed a single traffic signal controller for both northbound and southbound ramps to ensure synchronized transitions in case of signal faults, crucial for DDI operation. Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS) were incorporated to maintain signal function during power outages, requiring an upsized system due to controlling over 50 signal heads with one cabinet. Specialized cabinets like “Super P” and “Super R” integrated expanded UPS and cable infrastructure, enhancing maintenance visibility with a real-time light board in the primary controller cabinet.